Feel the tradition of our familiar company that has been working with nuts for more than 45 years.

Products selected, elaborated and handmade packaged by artisan experts to provide you with an amazing experience for you and your loved ones.

What does Snackifications mean?

Snackifications [def]

Processes that are experienced when tasting our nuts for the first time, making them a brilliant partner in our best meals.

(Noun) The best nuts in the world are always from Snackifications.

Mrs Marcona Almond.

The most appreciated variety in the world, fried and salted in the traditional way on your table as a delicious appetizer of a great meal with a good beer…anything else?

Mr Shelled Walnuts .

There are lots of ways to enjoy this Mediterranean’s food classic and in all of them it fits great, try to mix it with a good selection of cheese and wines and live your best life.

Snackifications Canister Potato Chips

A premium potato chip handmade with a recipe of more than 70 years of history, as always with 100% natural ingredients: Spanish potato, high oleic sunflower oil, olive oil and a touch of Himalayan salt.
In a metallic and personalized packaging that protects the product and is reusable.

Passion and tradition

Making the best nuts in the world since 1977 with the love and passion of the first day.

Fair payment to producers
We guarantee fair payment to producers and farm workers

Quality Guarantee

We have the highest quality standards for the best products.

We can work with these requirements for any customer

We are able to elaborate products that follow kosher food policy.

Snackificated countries

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